CAS Justo del Río

“Dance, tradition and prestige”

Danzas Burgalesas Justo del Río was founded in 1968, and it is the lifetime achievement of Justo del Río, a reputed folklorist that spent three decades researching, traveling and gathering the traditional music and dance to be found in Burgos, Castille.

Today, almost 50 years after, we´re proud of this cultural heritage, and we make our best to continue this work in a most respectful and professional manner. We keep growing as a group, and our intense rehearsals show our commitment with quality. We´ve got some special achievements, like recovering old and forgotten musical instruments, getting more to the detail traditional dresses, and recuperating rhythms and choreographies that were on the verge of disappearing. All this shows in stage, because we don´t take shortcuts and we do our best in order to delight you with music, dance and sensations taken from our ancestry.